Chuck D says Flavor Flav's Public Enemy 'firing' was a 'hoax'

Exactly one month after Flavor Flav, the co-founding member of Public Enemy, was unexpectedly and abruptly fired from the beloved hip-hop group, MC Chuck D has claimed that it was all an elaborate April Fools Day ruse.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Chuck D claimed the drama between him and the rapper was merely a “hoax” to grab people’s attention and make them aware of new music by Enemy Radio — his latest offshoot of Public Enemy with DJ Lord, which also features Flavor Flav on one track.

The musicians’ supposedly orchestrated spat began last month when Flavor Flav and his attorney supposedly sent a cease-and-desist letter to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

This May 29, 2015, file photo shows Chuck D, left, and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy performing at the 2015 BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival in Napa, Calif.

This May 29, 2015, file photo shows Chuck D, left, and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy performing at the 2015 BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival in Napa, Calif.

Rich Fury/Invision/AP, File

The purported legal document came in response to an announcement that Chuck D, 59, had planned to perform under Public Enemy’s name at one of Sanders’ political rallies — similar to what The Strokes did for the 78-year-old in February.

Flavor Flav argued that Enemy Radio had used his “unauthorized likeness, image, and trademarked clock,” adding that he did not endorse any political candidates in the 2020 presidential election cycle.

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In his latest statement, Chuck D cleared the air saying “Flav doesn’t do benefits and stays away from political events,” adding that they were still “cool” and “always agreed about that.”

“Enemy Radio was built for that reason, to be a DJ+MC auxiliary unit of Public Enemy, a no-slack homage toss back to DJ+MC roots,” he said on why he formed Enemy Radio instead of performing under the name Public Enemy.

Chuck D then compared the “April ‘FlavChuck’ Day” prank to that of Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds (1938).

“He pulled the wool over the public’s eyes as they put 100 per cent belief in the technology of radio,” the rap legend said of Welles. “Most people followed like a Pavlovic dog just like they do now.”

“ tired of Hip Hop always getting a bad look as its only narrative while the good news never made the news,” he added.

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Chuck D’s statement continued: “Out of this storm came a plan between Flav and me to remind people that what’s important should have as much, if not more, value than just what’s popular. Thus came the ‘hoax’, our War Of The Worlds.

“Believe half of what you hear and NONE of what you see,” he added, before promoting Enemy Radio’s debut album and lead single, Food As a Machine Gun, which features Flavor Flav.

“It’s April 1, 2020 and as we hoard food and empty store shelves, Chuck D and Flavor Flav hijack it as April ‘FlavChuck’ Day to end the hoax with Enemy Radio’s new song, Food As a Machine Gun,” he wrote.

“This is Enemy Radio featuring Public Enemy, with more around the corner,” he added.

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Chuck D first spoke of the “hoax” during an episode of Talib Kweli’s People’s Party Clop episode, which was released on Tuesday. He revealed that he and Flavor Flav actually still have a good relationship.

The rapper explained the orchestrated drama saying: “ Enemy Radio went up, lawyer sent a cease and desist, I’m like, ‘Good move.’ Then, publicly, I’m like, ‘Man, you don’t sue me again.'”

“He ain’t suing me, but I could say it,” he said. “I’m not saying it’s a hoax. I’m saying the original intention was to get your attention,” Chuck D concluded.

Chuck D’s statement clearing up the prank, via, was issued the following morning.

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However, in response to his former bandmate purporting it was all an April Fools joke, Flavor Flav fired back at Chuck D on Wednesday denying those claims via Twitter.

“I am not a part of your hoax @mrchuckd, there are more serious things in the world right now than April Fool’s jokes and dropping records,” he wrote.

The 61-year-old continued, “The world needs better than this, you say we are leaders so act like one, donate to those in need.”

Though it’s unclear if Flavor Flav was joking or not, he utilized the social media attention to bring light to MusiCares‘ own COVID-19 relief fund, which was established by the Recording Academy to assist peers in the music community affected by the novel coronavirus.

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Along with Chuck D, Flavor Flav was a member of the Public Enemy group for 37 years. It’s unclear if the Fight the Power trio will ever properly reunite.

Enemy Radio, however, has just released its debut studio album, Loud is Not Enough.

Food As a Machine Gun, the group’s debut single, is now available through all major streaming platforms.

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