#YYC5 finds Calgary's best spots to get your gingerbread fix

Community reporter Deb Matejicka brings us five spots in Calgary to pick up ginger-flavoured desserts, as voted on by our viewers.

In Global’s ongoing weekend series #YYC5, we asked our social media followers where they go to get their seasonal fix of gingerbread-flavoured treats.

We thought this might involve some tasty, ginger-flavoured drinkable, but this week, it was all about the baked goods as you told us where to seek out the best gingerbread desserts.

First on the list is Crave Cupcakes, where workers take two classic gingerbread cookies and layer heavenly vanilla buttercream icing between them. Need we say more?

We probably should because Crave also offers a variety of other ginger-flavoured gems as well as a number of seasonal baked treats and, of course, cupcakes!

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When Cobs Breads was mentioned, we thought gingerbread, of course! But then you told us that it’s their gingerbread scones you adore. There are more than a dozen Cobs across the city, but the Country Hills location is also a “test” bakery where you can sample Cobs’ gingerbread latte scone as well.

Specialty coffees are all over the menu at Deville Coffee, which has been serving Calgary’s downtown communities for over a decade. They’ve proclaimed themselves “baked goods dreamers,” and you totally agreed — especially when it comes to their ginger chew cookies, which Deville co-founder Paul Brassard says are surprisingly soft.

“There’s a little crisp texture to it because it’s baked for the right amount of time,” he said. Brassard added that the ginger chews are one of several mouthwatering creations from executive pastry chef Carmen Fox.

“She came to us from the Banff Springs so she’s obviously very talented and she does an amazing job,” Brassard said. “I think that’s why they’re so good: because there’s love in it, and you can tell when there’s love in food and I know Carmen loves our pastries.”

What’s not to love? Partnered with one of their handcrafted lattes or espressos, we have no choice but to declare this combo a winter winner.

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For those looking to kick it old-school, Alberta Bakery at Heritage Park was recommended as a great place to get good, old-fashioned gingerbread. Like all other goodies made here, Alberta Bakery’s gingerbread is baked fresh daily in the working bakery, which is a replica of the original Alberta Bakery that operated in the first decade of the 20th century.

Finally, when it came to homemade, fresh-out-of-the-oven gingerbread cookies and gingerbread men, Decadent Brulee received high praise.

Before this cozy and quaint bakery became Decadent Brulee, there were two: Decadent Desserts and Brullee Bakery. The two joined forces in 2016, bringing together the best of both their menus, which we were told include classic gingerbread cookies.

Owner Pam Fortier wouldn’t tell us where their gingerbread cookie recipe came from — Decadent or Brulee — just that the cookies are always made from scratch and by hand.

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“We only use butter. We don’t use any other fats and we use Madagascar bourbon vanilla,” said Fortier. “Everything is made from scratch. We don’t take any shortcuts so it’s a traditional, real cookie, hopefully the way your grandmother would have made.”

Thanks to their homemade goodness complete with hand-piped frosting, Fortier said customers will often buy the cookies to spruce up their own baking trays, which begged the question of whether or not any customers had ever passed off Decadent’s goods as their own.

“Yes,” Fortier said immediately.

She then recounted the story of a past customer who had bought a carrot cake from her and then proceeded to put a dirty pan and other baking utensils in her sink so her family would think she baked the cake herself.

“Hey, whatever it takes,” she laughed.

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Next, #YYC5 is looking once again to our viewers and social media followers to tell us where we can find your favourite brewery in the city. Use the hashtag #YYC5 and tag @globalcalgary. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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