Springing Ahead Is Bad For Your Health!

Daylight saving time and ‘Springing Ahead’ is bad for your health. The Monday and Tuesday after moving the clocks ahead one hour in March is associated with a 10 percent increase in the risk of having a heart attack. The opposite is true when falling back in October. This risk decreases by about 10 percent. A study by the University of Turku in Finland reveals that the risk of a stroke is 8% higher during the first two days following a time change. Exactly why this happens is not known but there are several theories, mostly focusing on sleep deprivation and the effects on the body.

So, how do we deal with the time change? Wake up 30 minutes earlier on Saturday and Sunday than you need to in preparation for the early start on Monday. Eat a decent-sized breakfast and try to exercise in the mornings over the weekend.

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