Kim Cattrall Calls Out SJP On Instagram

Kim Cattrall played the role of Samantha Jones on the Sex And The City television series, as well as the 2 movies.


And if I am being perfectly honest, she was MY FAVORITE of the bunch! Often driven by her libido, Samantha has absolutely no hecks to give, and does exactly what she wants.


As a huge fan of the show, I was rather disappointed to hear there wont be a third movie and no hope for a reboot. This fact has deepened the feud between Cattrall and former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the role of Carrie. Long story short, Piers Morgan had SJP on his show. When asked about the possibility about a third movie, SJP said no and basically said Cattrall is the reason why. Which infuriated her. Things had always been rocky on set, with Cattrall saying the other women formed a “clique” and excluded and alienated her.


Fast forward to earlier this month when Cattrall’s brother, Chris Cattrall went missing. He was later found deceased on his property in Lacombe, Alberta.

Following this tragic event, SJP reached out to Cattrall via social media to send her condolences. On a post announcing his death, SJP wrote, “Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother.”

Cattrall wasn’t having it, responding with this scathing post on Instagram.

SJP has not yet responded to the post.

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