Little boy remained calm while stuck in a stuffie claw machine

You gotta respect a young chap who is willing to go through great lengths to get what he wants.


Those claw machines are like magnets for kids. They’re everywhere and despite the fact that they are full of the cheapest, most ratchet looking stuffed animals, they are irresistible. And I’m going to be perfectly honest, I am a grown woman and I still enjoy trying to scoop up treasures with that sneaky claw sometimes. In fact, there is one at Dennys near my place. Last time we went there for hangover breakfast, I plunked in a toonie and got a JESUS HAT for my boyfriend on the first try.



Amanda Propp

One little boy in Florida, named Mason, wanted himself a claw machine treasure so desperately he GOT STUCK inside! Talk about a claustrophobic situation. I would be MAD PANICKING.

According to the fire department, the incident happened at a restaurant on the state’s Atlantic coast.

Mason was in the machine for about 5 minutes, was never in any distress and remained calm the entire time. He was a little embarrassed, but don’t worry- he DID get to keep a toy!

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