Global News & CKNW Health Series

The Global News and CKNW Health Series is an in-depth collection of interviews and health stories featuring some of today’s most respected health practitioners.

The series will be tackling the issues of sleep and stress. The first week, we’ll uncover the secrets and importance of a healthy night’s sleep, explore effective treatments for insomnia and why dreaming is so valuable.

Could your snoring have long-term effects on your health?

WATCH: Dr. Sian Spacey from the UBC Headache Clinic talks different types of headaches and how to prevent them.

WATCH: You snooze, you lose? Linda Aylesworth explains why our ancestors may be to blame for our sleepless nights.

5 tips for a better sleep: Did you know about all of them?

WATCH: The realities of medical marijuana – Dr. Bryn Hyndman joins us for our health series and talks about the realities of medical marijuana.

Can’t fall asleep? It might be stress

When your child can’t sleep, neither can you – and that’s a problem

WATCH: Dr. Tara Sedlak from the Leslie Diamond Women’s Heart Health Centre joins us for our Health Series to talk about women and heart disease.

WATCH: Technology is now being turned around to help you get some rest

WATCH: How to avoid back and shoulder pain from bags and purses

Now, on this second week we dig into stress and how impacts how you live, work and drive.

Stress can make a dream job into a nightmare: here’s how you can cope

WATCH: February is Psychology Month. Psychologist Dr. Patrick Myers talks stress and anxiety and offers a few tips if you are suffering.

WATCH: Registered dietitian Karlene Karst debunks the myths and helps us understand the important of probiotics.

WATCH: Dr. Maryam Zeineddin of Zili Health explains why preventative medicine is so important and her six pillars to make it a reality.

WATCH: Adults deal with stress of some sort on a daily basis – but what about children? As Linda Aylesworth reports, there are ways to identify the hidden causes – and deal with them.

WATCH: Naturopathic physician Allana Polo gives us her top five tips for men trying to stay healthy.

The series is presented by Women’s Health Matters, Dr. Karen Jensen’s latest book about treating women’s health conditions…exclusively at Natural Health Food Stores.

Another casualty of Metro Vancouver’s brutal housing market? Your health

Being stressed out behind the wheel can affect everyone around you

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